The Stallions of Circle Four

Lloyds of London

Lloyds of London's pedigree stands alone.  He is a superior stallion sired by the great British Sterling, a five star producer. Lloyd has consistently given us quality foals with excellent willing dispositions. Lloyd has produced black and white, red and white, solid black and solid red foals. Lloyd has exceptional movement and has been passing this on to his foals.

 If you are interested in breeding to Lloyds of London please contact us for further information.

Royal Superior

Royal Superior exemplifies versatility, athletic ability and willing disposition.  Not only does he compete well in English and Western Dressage, he is a willing and steady partner in roping and is also broke to drive.  He has proven his quality as a sire, producing foals with athleticism and size.

His accomplishments include:

- 2015 Grand Champion in Western Dressage, Caledon Cadora

- 2015 Reserve Champion in 1st Level Dressage, Caledon Cadora

- 2013 Grand Champion Dressage Horse, Feathered Horse Classic, Perry, Georgia

- Five Star GVHS Western Evaluation Score
If you are interested in breeding to Royal Superior please contact us for further information.

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