Gale and Kody


Kody—Let’s Dance "It's all about the feet … the ongoing story"

Kody came into my life five years ago as a three year old, gangly, uncomplicated, happy, bay, appendix gelding. It was his good fortune to begin his education on the ground and in the saddle with Ron Chauvin, my friend and natural horsemanship mentor. Ron continued to help and guide Kody and I over the years, always emphasizing the importance of "feel, timing and balance". We are still developing those ideas in many ways, as we try to "get the feet right". It's like peeling the skin layers off an onion- there is always more (to learn) underneath. But where did this lead us?

It seemed a natural progression to take the concept of "influencing each footfall" into both dressage and jumping, where being able to place the horse's feet and quarters precisely is of the utmost importance. Kody and I are working away at both, even competing, and having a BLAST!

Built on the foundation of communication and understanding, the depth of partnership I experience with this wonderful horse continues to amaze and delight me. Thanks Ron, for sending us down this path.

Gale Blackburn

Jane and Rena

I asked Ron if he could help me with my horse Rena when I had lost confidence on her after a bad fall. Rena had reared and fallen on me 15 months before. I was trying everything I could think of to regain my lost confidence. I tried several different trainers who I had hoped could ride Rena through her sucking back issues, but no one seemed able to help, and then I found Ron. It was Ron who gave me the tools I needed to ride Rena in a relaxed and confident manner and taught me the skills so that I could deal with issues that might arise.

I boarded with Ron for nine months and during that time, we took Rena right back to the beginning and restarted her. Slowly but surely, I learned new horsemanship skills on the ground that would carry through into my riding. Rena and I created a new working relationship, and found a new confidence in each other.

Rena has been back home with me for about 10 months now and things are going very well. I can sit on her back in a 100% relaxed and comfortable seat. Our flat work is improving and I feel like we have an exciting future in front of us. I owe a huge thanks to Ron, because this would not have been possible without his help. Thank You Ron!!!

Vi and Bentley

Bentley is a 10-year-old dark bay thoroughbred. He and I became partners after a lengthy search for a new mount to replace my late equine friend. Bentley had many trusting issues including a fear of ear touching. We started to work with Ron to help us over come these hurdles. Two years later we are on an incredible journey of trust and understanding of each other. The saying "his legs are your legs" has a new meaning for me. Ron has taught us to feel each step and in doing so the horse will eventually give the rider his total focus. The awareness of Bentley's movements that I have learned to feel is a wonderful new experience for me. Hopefully if God willing we will be partners for many years to come. A person is never too old to learn or have new experiences ... I am now collecting my old age pension.


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